iotTech Announces Its 1st Ultra Slim 802.11n Wi-Fi Iot Moule

Monday, July 28, 2014

Incorporated with one of the global SoC providers, iotTech gratefully brings the exciting news to all the manufacturers that making everything connected and shared is no longer a headache.

With the ultra slim form factor, iotTech WIMM-2401 Wi-Fi module enables high flexibility and usability for manufacturers to development their Smart Home devices. In other words, unlike traditional Wi-Fi modules with embedded CPU, developers could design the own IoT devices by implementing the WIMM-2401 to get the Wi-Fi connection and to access via the cloud service.

WIMM-2401 is also the most power saving gear to empower a product with cloud computing. By reducing power consumption to nearly 1/5, it’s now a real green piece of circuit that helps you save energy and money for good use.