Company Overview

With decade of network integration experience, iotTech is now one of the leading total solution providers that invite everyone to participate the great era of Internet of Things.

Our solution is designed for enterprises that want to provide a life of their smart products and also for inventors who are seeking to turnaround the world. It supports millions of products and re-value the information technology.

We “Cloud” everything for the needs! With giant data center, we could integrate all the imagination into the network. With the great support of our top valued and experienced cloud partners as well as our strong hardware engineering team, we all could simply enjoy the cross platform communication. So in the near future, you really could do various Internet Home appliance, automobile, health care, toys, and smart phones all together!

With iotTech labeled module or device, both hardware and software are reviewed and qualified by our engineering teams. Thanks to our strong engineering teams, we share experiences in various aspects, such as digital design, mechanical design, antenna pattern and placement, and SW coding suggestions. Customers will never worry about design for manufacture again and ever.

We are backed by world leading silicon technology companies in different fields and partnered with big data centers. This brings us strong confidence and great harmony in the IoT era.