When a device is connected to the Internet with today’s rich SW applications, it is no longer alone itself. Users can control various devices via different methods, also big data centers can gather, analyze, and report massive information to the needs. In the background, it can also trigger proper subsystems to make people life easier. Things such as integration of smart power control, energy saving, and auto-billing are the best examples being discussed today.

People. It is all about people. When the majority of your every life is managed automatically, work is spared for more creative works, bills and energy are saved for good use, and time is reserved for your beloved ones.

Unlike traditional devices that can only be controlled and managed locally, IoT Technology enables the control and management anytime, anywhere. It saves your time, money, and the most importantly, it saves the energy of our planet.

With these principles, iotTech is dedicated to designing the solution to fit various home applications. By co-working with more partners, iotTech has confidence to bring a mutually beneficial eco-system.